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Posted on August 14, 2012 at 6:14 PM Comments comments (111)
To me, being a counsellor is a very humbling and privaledged position to hold. Now in my 7th year of gruelling counselling & psychotherapy training: a Postgraduate Diploma and MA Masters Degree, my passion for my work fuels my ambitions. My clients drive me forwards; I owe it to them to be the best therapist I can be.
The counselling process is a truely amazing one, always full of surprises.
My clients' never cease to amaze me with their honesty and courage, and how
little by little they put their trust in me, confide in me, about their deepest darkest, most intimate of feelings and experiences...
Every client is unique, I learn something new about people, myself and
my practice from each client I work with and I thank all of my clients for that; this is the gift that they give back to me!
For some, there is still a slight stigma attached to counselling, which saddens me, yet I've noticed that the negativity tends to come from people who have never actually experienced counselling and the positive; sometimes even life changing impact it can have on one's life...
It takes real courage to ask for help and to seek counselling. It is a strength, to be self aware enough to know when some professional help is needed, not a weakness!
The beauty of counselling is that it not only benefits the client, but has a ripple effect, positive changes in the client then impact on the lives and hearts of those closest to them... 
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